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OgStar Reading® is on Chrome OS for schools and individuals! Schools can now access OgStar on Clever.com.
 Our new version can be accessed on computer devices with touchscreens that support Google Chrome.
This web-based version is not compatible with iPads or Android devices.

Good news! Our iPAD apps have all been updated in October 2021!

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Who are we?

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We are honored to begin a pilot program of ogstar reading for 500 students in k - 8th grade. bcps, the 25th largest district in the usa, is purposefully addressing literacy goals for their students.

What do we do?

Our Orton-Gillingham app offers a home or school-based full structured literacy curriculum for early readers, dyslexics, English language learners, or struggling students from ages 4 - 13.

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Hard to Read: How American Schools Fail Kids with Dyslexia - APM Reports
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