OgStar Reading® is now available for Chromebooks for schools and individuals!
Our new Chrome version can be accessed on computer devices with touchscreens that support Google Chrome. This version is not compatible with iPads or Android devices.

"Dyslexic students need a different approach to learning language from that employed in most classrooms. They need to be taught, slowly and thoroughly, the basic elements of their language—the sounds and the letters which represent them—and how to put these together and take them apart. They have to have lots of practice in having their writing hands, eyes, ears, and voices working together for conscious organization and retention of their learning."

-Margaret Byrd Rawson, MS, Educator, Founding Member of the Orton Dyslexia Society (now known as the International Dyslexia Association)

"Orton-Gillingham techniques work well for ELL [students] because they fill in the gaps that they may have missed out on."

-Dr. Gloria Arce-Vargas, IMSE Journal, 2015

46 states now have Dyslexia legislation and the Federal READ Act has identified Dyslexia as a national concern. OgStar Reading®  is an easily accessible, affordable, and evidence-based solution for kids everywhere — at school, at home, and “on the go”.

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